Shield is a systemically constructed architectural sans serif font. Linquistic sense of the font name and visual shape construction for its part evokes the connection to font usability in physical markings and display functions. Unique characteristic of the font, formed from a modular cutting logic in a defined grid, is visible in the letterforms' distinct arc curves, straight vertical stems, and horizontal bars. Clean contours reign crude cuts and sharp angles connecting to slightly lowered contrast diagonal strokes such as in letters Vv or Xx. Terminals in letters Kk and R, and choices for lowercase letters e, f, and t, are a few differing but orderly parts of the font. As a balancing act, generous, almost monotoned, spacing finishes the fonts impression with a solidified carving rhythm. Shield consists of alphanumeric character set extended with Å, Ä and Ö, alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase, and the most common punctuation and symbol glyphs. Font available via request. Design by Heikki Herranen, Pistejaviiva.