P44 is made out of 44 thousand used food and drink containers (such as Tetra Pak ones) that are transformed into a playful, modular and colorful bench by following circular economy principles on a local scale. The furniture reflects several seating, interacting, leaning, relaxing and playing possibilities. P44 has two backrests which can be used in several ways such as small tables for reading a book or having lunch break, as armrest, as leaning support or in every other way up to the user's creativity and need. P44 has been exhibited as part of the RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC in the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Technologia Leonardo Da Vinci during the Milano Design Week 2021 and chosen 2nd in the Urban and Public Furniture Design category of the Ro Plastic Prize 2021. Design by Heikki Herranen, Pistejaviiva; Matteo Zaghi, Design ProDe; and Estelle Le Bozec, Design ProDe. Prototype material by Ecoplasteam S.p.A.; and prototype production by S.B.E. Plast S.r.l. Photographs 2-3 by Mauro Ujetto.