Pistejaviiva is a Nordic design studio, by M.A. Industrial Designer Heikki Herranen, creating furniture, product and concept.

When literally translated the studio name is "a dot and a line" in Finnish. As the two base elements of a picture or an image, they visually construct the entirety of the world around us. Design uses this principle to understand the world from small fragments towards its complex wholeness, particularly to describe the aspects of unclarity and generate new potentials, through visual design methods such as drawing. The interaction between a drawing hand and thinking mind of a designer reveal invaluable, descriptive and explanatorily parametrical dimensions of visual construction.

The studio name reflects belief in the craft and process of design and at the same time symbolizes strength of the smallest sparks of insights, inspiration and ideas to institute and instruct a change. The studio's interest is in little details and everyday indifferences that by uncovery and distinction become notions for meaningful creations. From within the northern ambience, Pistejaviiva's focus is on honest and raw, but functional and long-lasting design projects. Clean and reduced nature on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in Helsinki, where the studio is based, frames an optimal and always inspiring lookout point for prolonging the Finnish design tradition.